Isaac Arthur

Isaac Arthur is a cofounder of CODO Design, branding firm out of Indianapolis.

I’m excited to have Isaac on the show today for 2 big reasons: one, they do brilliant design work; and two, they have done a powerful job of organizing the creative process into an accessible series of steps and activities.

Isaac attended the Herron School of Art + Design with a focus on Design Thinking.

CODO was founded on the belief that they can create better work by directly including clients in the creative process. Currently Isaac spends most of his time traveling around the country helping to bring startup craft breweries to market through foundational positioning and brand strategy: naming, package design, responsive web design, and environmental design.

Positioning addresses 3 basic questions:


What do you do?
Who are you doing that for?
How are you different from you competition?



Resources provided by CODO Design:


Craft Beer Branding Trends

The Beer Guide (Isaac Mentions)

Blogs Isaac mentioned:


Oh Beautiful Beer

The Dieline

Brand New

Isaac’s contact info:



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