The global pandemic has brought about change all over the world, including Market The Brew.

Our Co-founder and Host of The Market The Brew Podcast decided to retire at the end of 2021. We had been talking about re-starting the Podcast after a 4 year break and this left us without a host.  With Steve’s departure, I had an idea of who I wanted to be the next hosts of the podcast to be. After a meeting to pitch the idea to Danielle and Travis they agreed to take on the role of Hosts as we restart the podcast.

We will miss Steve, but I know that you will enjoy the energy and enthusiasm they bring to the podcast.

Danielle and Travis Kleven

Podcast Hosts


We are Travis and Danielle Kleven, the new Hosts of the Market the Brew podcast. Living in Milwaukee has led us to discovering some great beers and even better breweries. We look forward to finding interesting stories from breweriers all across the country to share with you.

Our Journey

We wanted to find a way to share all of the places we have found with our family and friends, which led us to our Instagram page @TheKlevensBrewTour. This page has introduced us to incredible people in the craft beer community and we look forward to connecting with more interesting people through the Market the Brew podcast. 


Our Goals

One of our goals is to introduce people to different beer styles and flavors in hopes of them finding something they enjoy. This podcast will give us an opportunity to learn more about different breweries all over the country, what makes them unique to the craft beer industry, and sharing their stories with you.

Let’s raise a glass to supporting local craft breweries. 

We look forward to you joining us


Notable Quote from the Interview


“Believe it or not, I was not a beer drinker. Every time we went out my go to beer was Blue Moon.”

– Danielle

Behind the Brand

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