This is actually the second episode in which Secret Hopper is discussed.

In Episode 36 that first aired on November 7th of 2017 we actually interviewed a brewery owner who was actively using Secret Hopper at his brewery. In the episode we disguised his voice and made no mention of the brewery name so no one listening would know that the brewery was being Secret Hopped.

We have been working with and friends of Andrew’s since 2017, but it wasn’t until the 2021 CBC in Denver, Colorado that we actually met in person for the first time. 

This is the first episode where we actually interview Andrew, the person who has interviewed or been on a panel with many of the craft beer industries news makers.


Andrew Coplon

Founder of the Secret Hopper and the Craft Beer Professionals Group on Facebook


Having spent the past 20 years managing a foodservice that oversees large events at sports and entertainment venues across the country, Andrew learned that it’s about more than just a baseball game or concert. It’s about creating an overall exceptional customer experience. Andrew has taken this belief and combined it with his passion for craft beer to help breweries monitor their tasting rooms, increase their in-house revenues, and learn to differentiate as the craft beer industry soars past 9,000 breweries.

In addition, Andrew has successfully built a community of 14,000+ Craft Beer Professionals dedicated to the growth and betterment of craft beer across the United States.

Secret Hopper

Secret Hopper is an idea created out of the love of two things: beer and the experience of sharing it.  Breweries must put out a customer experience that is equally as world-class.

Secret Hopper is a mystery shopping service for craft breweries that is helping breweries increase their revenues, create more repeat customers, and fine tune their tasting rooms. We have a passion for creating world class customer experiences. Together the growing brewery and thirsty customer can unite to create the best possible craft beer experience.

Secret Hoppers utilizes mystery shoppers to provide honest, firsthand feedback on their tasting room experiences at businesses across America. 

Your customers’ feedback will not only help you discover areas to improve upon, but also present aspects of your business that may need more attention. Our goal is to help you create new opportunities to better your customers experience.

Over time our research will help your business analyze trends, track improvements, and make your brand stronger one pint at a time. Our goal is to make every customer become a repeat customer.


The Craft Beer Professionals Group on Facebook

Craft Beer Professionals (CBP) is a national network dedicated to the growth and betterment of the Craft Beer industry. CBP unifies and elevates the industry through educational content, peer to peer dialogue, and unique community events.

CBP was created after identifying the need for an organization to provide professional value not just to industry decision makers, but to the diverse group of professionals who band together to further Craft Beer – everyone from taproom staff to the industry supplier. With more than 40K monthly engagements, there is proof that what we offer is needed. Industry professionals rely on CBP.

There is no other public forum for Craft Beer Professionals to connect with one another while gaining access to critical resources vital to the evolution of their professions and Craft Beer as a whole. We rely on our industry allies’ support to keep our content 100% free to brewery professionals.


100% free for Craft Beer Professionals

Notable Quote from the Interview


“I know you don’t like to blow your own horn, but as I was preparing for this interview, I Googled your name.  I was blown away when your results came up on the first page and then the following 9 pages...”

– Scott Schmidt

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