Our guest, Wesley Donehue, builds businesses and political campaigns. He’s the founder of Push Digital, a political, advocacy and corporate marketing agency. He’s co-owner of Frothy Beard Brewing Company and Zombie Bob’s Pizza in Charleston.

He’s a proud native of the South Carolina low-country where he lives with his wife and two sons. When not working, Wesley can be found at a craft brewery or taking part in some insane endurance event.

Marketing Strategy



Best Reasons To Be On Facebook

1). (obviously) Everyone is on Facebook! It is where people spend their time.

Note: 80% of Facebook traffic is from a mobile device

2). Micro Targeting craft beer drinkers through Facebook’s information and data

Frothy Beard’s Approach to Facebook

  • Content driven
  • Posting everyday
  • Embodies the brewery’s (and ownership’s) personality
  • Be authentic and transparent
  • Work from a weekly content calendar

Facebook Event Page

If the event includes a partner, for example a band or food truck, leverage the partner’s Facebook audience by posting there.

Facebook Groups

Right now, posts in a Group page get seen by 100% of the Group’s members. Posts show up in Notifications.

Facebook Live

Live streaming video broadcast

Unlike a recorded video, people can interact with you by Like and asking questions in the Comment box

At the start of a broadcast an immediate Notification goes out, for example, “Frothy Beard Brewing is Live right now! Click here to see it.”

Content Strategy

Frothy Beard’s goal is a minimum of 3 pieces of content per day.

Mix it up: memes; graphically designed; video.

Review to see the types of posts your audience Likes

Posts include some type of image our brand.”

The Frothy Beard Brewery brand:


A character named Finnegan was created. And they wanted this character to go on a journey. He is seen throughout the brewery and on different merchandise going through adventures. The brand is geeky and fun!


The Frothy Beard Brewery logo was created by Tami Boyce, a local Charleston artist.

Notable quote from the interview:

“Everybody has a media company in their pocket. Unlike a decade ago you now have a video camera, you have a photography camera, you have the ability to capture content and literally blast it out it to the entire world for basically free.”

Examples mentioned by Wesley

Frothy Beard’s new location is a former church. To celebrate they brewed a saison and named it Holy Water.

Grinch video

St. Nick post

Strapped for Time?

When push comes to shove, do you feel robbed of doing your best work by competing priorities?

Find 3 tried-and-true routines have helped breweries juggle digital marketing with all the other tasks that need your attention.

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