Daylen is the Marketing Manager at Stone Brewing.

After working in the music industry and touring around with bands, she jumped into creative agency work with a few brands of spirits. She found that working in the music industry parallels with the current state of the craft brewery scene.

Francesca is the Communications Manager at Founders Brewing Company.

Her career path took her from a getting her degree in philosophy, to working in the mental health field, and finally as a server at Founders when it was in its infancy. She fell in love with the culture, the people, and craft beer and has never looked back.

Influencer Marketing


“Any outreach to a fan regardless of how large their personal audience is who is engaging on a high level with the brand and kind of deserves to be engaged back and showing that they’re interested in collaborating with us.”

~ Daylen

“We like to look at each of our fans as an influencer.”

~ Francesca

Success Stories


Francesca reached out to Offerman Workshop in LA (yes, associated with Nick Offerman) and sent the folks over there a care package of beer. They weren’t paid to show it off on their social media channels and post pictures, but it’s just another case of beer lovers coming together and sharing their work.

Stone has worked with Jackie Dodd – the Beeroness. She paired beer with food, sent video, pictures, and a recipe for Stone to put into a post. However, Jackie is not required to post on her own channels. But the relationship is symbiotic, Stone will post and direct their fans over to her blog for relevant content they didn’t pay for.

Resources mentioned by Francesca and Daylen (watch the video on this page)

Camp Illustrated

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