Welcome to the first Roundup episode of Market The Brew!

The Round Up Episode is where you have a few people give their answer to the same questions.

We invited 3 friends of the show to pick two of these three, social media focused questions to answer:


How much time do you spend on social media and what do you find to be the most productive use of that time?


What frustrates you the most about your digital presence?


How much time do you spend on social media and what do you find to be the most productive use of that time?

Here are the guests you will hear on this episode:

Shawndra Russell

Shawndra designed and taught the first-ever social media courses at Armstrong Atlantic State University. She’s also executed digital marketing programs for clients, netting results such as a 10% increase in sales within the first year for a brewpub, tripling engagement and followers for a large hop supplier, and 500+ bookings per month via social media for a food and drink tour company.

Shawndra calls the beer-centric Asheville home and writes about the intersection of beer and tourism for Craftbeer.com, BeerAdvocate, Forbes, and Explore Asheville and has published three books about social media. If her voice sounds familiar that is because she was featured on Episode 21: Using Instagram to Keep Taps Flowing.

Shawndra’s contact info:

Email: shawndra@shawndrdarussell.com

Twitter: @shawndrarussell

Web: shawndrarussell.com

Maggie Skinner

Maggie has been in the beer industry for three years, utilizing her degrees in business and marketing. She started the first chapter of Girls Pint Out in Wisconsin in March 2015. Since inception, three more chapters have started in Madison, Oshkosh and Appleton. Maggie is also leader of the Wisconsin chapter for the Pink Boots Society. She is currently a Sales Representative for Wisconsin Distributors, Inc and loves selling craft beer and ciders.

Maggie is a Wisconsin native but has lived all over the Midwest with her 12-year old son. She is an advocate for beer education and getting women into the beer industry. Other than beer, Maggie loves spending time with her son, hiking, kayaking, traveling, baking/cooking and working out.

Notable quotes:

“…my personal favorite platform would be Twitter. I interact with so many people during the day that crazy, 140 characters worth of funny stuff happens.”

Maggie’s contact info:

Twitter: @MSkinnerEvents

Steve Schmidt

Steve is the host of the Market The Brew podcast.

Resources Steve mentioned:

Doing Stories on Instagram: @fernson and @bigwrldsmallgrl

Oglivy on Advertising

Steve’s contact info:

Email: steve@marketthebrew.com

Instagram: @MarketTheBrew

Twitter: @MarketTheBrew

Web: marketthebrew.com

Hannah Barnett

Hannah has been working in craft beer since 2014. She originally began as a bartender at Boise Brewing and was quickly promoted; becoming their Marketing Director at the age of 23. She was also the lead event planner for Hoptober Freshtival – Idaho’s Largest fresh hop beer festival for the past two years. Hannah recently moved to Bend, Oregon to continue her work in the beer industry. She is also the founder of a craft beer & culture blog called the Hop Fox Blog.

Notable quotes:

“I think that being honest with yourself and accepting the audience you have and embracing that audience is something that I encourage all breweries to do. For us it was middle-aged men, as it is for most of the industry. So that was one thing that being mid-20’s female I had to accept and kind of work with. I had to accept that my audience is on Facebook, my audience is not on Instagram, they’re not on Twitter. They just don’t care about those mediums.”


Hannah’s contact info:

Web: http://hopfoxblog.com/

Instagram: @hopfox

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