What do you call a home brewer who has served up his beer at festivals and has had one of his beers produced and sold through a brewery?

The Nosey Neighbor!

Tyler Sallee has a pretty good list of brewing accomplishments. One of them being that his beer was not only selected to be featured in the MobCraft crowd sourced beer program, but it won!  Allowing Tyler, hid wife and some of their friends (including our hosts  Danielle and Travis), to brew his beer recipe on Sunday, July 24, 2022. That beer will then be sold over the counter at MobCraft and as six-packs to the people who voted for his beer.  (See the link below to learn more about MobCrafts crowdsourced beer program.)  Listen in to learn more about Tyler, The Nosey Neighbor Brewing Company and what else he has been doing to promote his home brewing business.

Tyler Sallee



Nosey Neighbor Brewing is an award-winning home brewery located in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

We take pride in brewing up a wide variety of creatively curated beers that are enjoyable to the connoisseur yet approachable to the curious.  

You can find us at multiple festivals and competitions throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

Follow us on our journey (social media links below) as we continue to build our brand and share our passion for the craft with others.

How we came up with the name:

We didn’t want to call it Tyler’s beer.  Nosy Neighbor was kind of funny because our dog at the time would look through the blinds and he let us know whenever someone was within the vicinity of our house. That is how we got the name Nosey Neighbor.  We just thought it was funny and fitting and I as we meet people it seems they have some sort of connection with a nosey neighbor.


A Homebrewer in a craft brewing world:

Each year Tyler tries to get Nosey Neighbor beers into more beer festivals. Tyler relates that most festivals will reluctantly agree to let him serve and are surprised when festival goers tell them how good the homebrewers beers are. All the festivals he has poured at have invited him back to serve his beers at their festivals.

 But, like every homebrewer, you lose money brewing for festivals because as a homebrewer you cannot charge for your beer. 

 So, our guest, like so many before him, is working on his business plan. Keeping a list of potential investors and building a fan base until he can eventually build his own brewery. 

Notable Quote from the Interview


“With a homebrew, a lot of your processes are very manual in nature so you’re doing a lot of things by hand even with a small brewery a lot of what you’re doing is manual.  The bigger you get with a with a brewery you might have more mechanical pieces or use electronics and technology to be able to simplify and cut down on the manual processes. ”

– Tyler Sallee

Behind the Brand

The Nosey Neighbor logo was created by Lauren Dumke.

Resources mentioned:

MobCraft Crowdsourced Beer


We’ll be pouring at:


MKE Brewfest: July 30, 2022


Great Lakes Brewfest: September 10, 2022


Brewery contact info:

[email protected]



For more information or to chat with Tyler please instant message him through Instagram.

For Partnership/Investment opportunities please email Tyler at [email protected]




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