Merchandising Workshop

Transforming Your Brewery’s Retail Merchandise From Marketing Expense to Profit Center

An online training program done at your own pace!


Make money on your retail merchandise investment

Develop A Plan

Understand Display Principles

Increase Revenue

These Days…

Continuing to Fund a Black Hole in Your Business is Dangerous

Not knowing if you’re losing money, breaking even, or making money on your retail merchandise could be “draining your tap”.

To make any sense (and money)

your retail merchandise program needs a PLAN



this area into a profit center



in your marketplace and community



increase the amount your customers purchase each time they come in



that generate excitement and sales


learn the same approach to Merchandising utilized by master retailers

You know a lot about
making great beer


But you may feel lost in retail merchandise management.
Most of the customers we work with do not have education or training in this.

More than 50 retail merchandise programs transformed.

“The Merchandising Workshop was worth every penny! Extremely informational and educational, I was able to integrate what was learned into Dry County’s merch program and saw a great return!

First, we used the information to switch up our merchandising business model by adding additional styles and revising our quantity and sizing orders. We then remodeled our merchandising area and wall to better display available items.  We also have a display for customers to touch and feel each shirt.

Making these suggested changes increased profits, customer reviews and the overall aesthetics.”

~ Jenna Weber, Dry County Brewing

“It was really thorough in covering everything from how to make your shop look better to how you should order things and when you should order things. For example, this is when to order a work shirt, that’s a very specific brewing industry type of thing to plan for.

Our sales have been essentially doubling almost every year since. Then, everything’s a lot more streamlined and planned out which saves future headaches because you don’t have to suddenly think, ‘oh, yeah, we probably need more t-shirts. Well, shoot, what design should we do now?’.

Having an action plan is really invaluable and it also allows not just me to have an idea but also everybody on the team. I think it all has really come together for our team and just for me personally managing.”

~ Samantha Mack, MobCraft Beer

UPON completion of this course
you will have:


The merchandising presentation techniques, best practices and quick fixes of a retail superstar.


An understanding of your customers’ tastes and style preferences based on reality.

Gained intimate knowledge of your brewery’s unique brand and be able to express the brand through the products you select and the designs you create.

Designed your retail space to increase sales and inventory turns.


    Developed a branded product strategy that includes:

    • A Product Timeline and Product Plan
    • Core, seasonal, and special release products
    • A product rotation strategy
    • Mechanisms to track cost of goods, sales, and profits
    • Tracking and understanding trends

    Your branded merchandise as the vehicle to turn your brewery customer into brand ambassadors.

      Your Plan to Transform

      1. Register

      for the Retail Merchandising Course

      2. Complete

      the 30+ Sessions – Each session is packed with simple, no-fluff information

      3. Transform

      your Retail Merchandise Program – gain control and increase your retail merchandise revenue

      Free Resource

      Want a Successful Retail Merchandise Program?

      We’ve identified 6 critical areas that need your focus.
      Checking off these areas will help you:


      • Increase sales of your taproom merchandise
      • Gain control over your merchandise inventory and number of SKU’s
      • Turn your brewery customers into brand ambassadors

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