What surprised us the most when we met with Ayla and Tim was the fact that until 4 years ago neither was doing any of this.

Ayla learned about bees and Tim learned about brewing. When they talk, they strike you as the family next door and speak as if they are sitting on your porch drinking a few beers talking about the kids, school, sports and what show to binge watch on Netflix next.

They bring this easy going, good nature, loving life attitude into the Taproom!

Ayla & Tim Guild

Ayla – Co-founder and Keeper of the Bees

Tim – Co-founder and Head Brewer


Our guests are not Wisconsin natives. One is from the West Coast and the other from the East Coast.  They met while in college and the rest as they say is history.  One is a veterinarian and the other an engineer.

They learned of the midwestern community that would become their home in the days before opening. As they stressed trying to get things done in time to open, people would stop by to ask: “when will you be opening?”

Then, to the surprise of our guests, they would ask, “Do you need any help?” Each with a different skill or trade experience, pitching in to lend a hand.

These people would not only become their customers, but their friends.

Their Happy Place

The Hive Taproom founders Tim & Ayla left their engineering and veterinary careers respectively to refresh all people’s spirits, and inspire community through inventive libations. So they created their happy place, a place where face-to-face conversation presides and building community is prioritized, a place where family & friends gather and memories are made.

They wanted to fulfill a need that was missing, the need for an energizing, high quality gluten-free beverage and an inclusive, welcoming space for multiple generations to share a beverage. Eighteen months after enjoying session mead for the first time on a family trip to California, many months of tinkering in the basement developing recipes, Tim and Ayla opened the Hive Taproom in July of 2018.


The Taproom is a lot like their hives

From the outside it looks pretty laid back, but when you look inside there is a buzz of activity. Many breweries talk of community and buying local, but this brewery is different in many ways. There are few that can say they have 2 thriving communities they serve. The one they live and work in, and the one that produces the honey they use to make their session meads.

What started out 4 years ago with 10,000 honeybees has grown each year with care and love for their bee community. Over the winter of 2021-22 they had a 92% survival rate of their bee community. This is very impressive when you learn the industry average is only 40 – 50%.

Behind the Brand

The Hive Taproom logo was created by Tim.

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If you wish to reach out to Ayla or Tim, please direct message them on Facebook or Instagram.

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