We have all become familiar with the beer passports many states and regions have created.

The process is a lot like this: stop in a brewery, order a drink, get your book stamped and head off to the next location.

But what happens when the passport is much more than a tool to get people to stop in for a drink to get the stamp. What is people got much more information about craft beer, your location, your history, and access to an app that supports the passport, and it never expires? 


Matt Dowgwillo

Craft Notes


Matt has over 15 years working professionally in Craft Beer, and has been part of popularizing the movement in the Midwest, however his interest in the quality and process began in college, when his friend gifted him a lifetime “pint club” membership to Town Hall Brewery, his regular college hang. 

As a cicerone and founder of Thrifty Hipster, he started multiple long-standing beer fests and developed software for the NBWA related to beer distribution. In 2015 he joined forces with several folks, including Nick Kosevich (founder of Bittercube) to launch Craft Notes, a group geared toward inclusivity and education as a means to get people more involved in the craft beer community. Craft Notes features a mobile app and passport program as well as other products and events that are all geared toward giving people new experiences and new friendships.

Building A Community 

Listen in as Danielle and Travis talk to the founder and curator of the Craft Drinks Passports from Craft Notes. Find out why the Craft Drink Passports are the easiest way to explore and support local craft.  Uniquely curated, fun, and full of great stories, art, and complimentary drinks.

But, the passport is more than just a book to collect stamps. It is a gateway to a growing digital community that enjoy and support local businesses as they share their craft beverage experiences. Passports invite you to join friends, support the best local businesses, drink some drinks, try something new, and meet new people… what’s not to love?


It Never Expires

The passport is supported with an app that is included in the $25 passport price. So, take as much time as you need to enjoy all the locations featured in the passport without feeling like you have to make all the stops by a particular date. 

Plan your stops with other passport owners, and learn more about the town the stops are located.  Make a weekend out of the stop and enjoy all that Wisconsin has to offer at any time of the year.

Looking to expand you craft drink knowledge and travel a little more? Pick up the Minnesota Passport for $30 and double the number of possible locations you can visit without worrying about the passport expiring.


So much value for the money spent!

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