Katie Davidson


Hot Air Brewing’s owner, Katie Davidson, grew up in her dad’s bowling alley in smalltown Creston, Iowa, about an hour southwest of Des Moines. After high school she moved to Ames to attend Iowa State and work for the university, eventually moving to North Dakota to direct the
International Center at the University of North Dakota. While living in Ames and Grand Forks, breweries were the place Katie and her family would congregate with friends, try new beers, let kids play, and just relax. When the opportunity to come back to Creston and have a positive
impact on her community presented itself, she took it, first as Dean of Students at the local community college and now as an entrepreneur, opening Hot Air Brewing in February of 2021. Although running the business while teaching full-time and co-parenting a sassy 10 year girl has
been challenging, she wouldn’t change anything. Hot Air is a beautiful, inclusive space for families and friends to gather and she can’t wait to bring more beer lovers to Creston to share it.

Jay Wilson

Head Brewer

Beer Drinker & Lifestyle Expert.

Did you know Hot Air Brewing was originally a Hallmark store? Katie took the old Hallmark store, with apartments located above the brewery, and turned it into her dream brewery. Katie Davidson wanted a place in her hometown where anyone and everyone could gather for a drink, so she created one. Hot Air Brewing in Creston, Iowa has become a popular brewery with 13 different beers on tap with various styles. Katie has been dedicated to supporting her hometown and growing the craft beer community in her city with new craft beers. 

Katie and her head brewer, Jay Wilson, have made an impact on the Iowa beer community. Jay worked with the Iowa brewers guild while also helping to grow the Iowa Craft Beer Festival. More than 80 breweries and cideries can be found at the Iowa Craft Beer Festival with more than 300 craft beer samples this June. Jay has also created several craft beers of various styles at Hot Air Brewing and one of them can even be found at the airport!


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