The Only Bridge You Hope Will Be Up. 

Pizza and beer- the perfect pair. Trent Snyder from Bridge Up Brewing got a call from Sonny’s Pizzeria asking if he was interested in taking his homebrews and starting his own brewery. Trent took a chance and has found great success in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. Now, when most people get stuck behind a row of cars because a bridge is up, they would become frustrated. Listen in as we talk to Trent about why you might look forward to being stopped when the bridge is up by his brewery. 

Trent Snyder

Owner and Head Brewer


Never in his wildest dreams did Trent think he would be brewing beer for a living. It started as a hobby, then became somewhat of a passion – but always out of his garage, on his back deck in Coleman coolers, or in propane-powered turkey fryers.

With the explosion of the craft beer industry and residing for 23 years in the Twin Cities (a true craft beer mecca), he began rounding out his palette and appreciation for every and all styles of beer. As his appreciation for beer grew, so did his ability to brew better, more flavorful, and exciting recipes.

The Story Of Bridge Up

The Bridge Up Brewing story and brand is and continues to be a truly organic one. After moving back to Door County with his wife and two daughters, Trent was looking for a job that would allow him to completely immerse himself back into the culture and the community that was such an amazing part of his childhood.

One day he got a call. A brief phone conversation with Jason Estes, owner of Sonny’s Pizzeria, about the brewing process and its requirements. This call led to a face-to-face meeting to look for available space for what could someday be a brewery.

It felt very consultative in nature until the end of the meeting when Jason said, “Well, I think you are the right guy for the job.” At no point did Trent ever think this was any kind of an interview – but he is so grateful that it was.

The next few months were filled with investigating and buying brewing equipment, building relationships with grain and hop providers and designing recipes that would become the first few Bridge Up Brewing beers

However, they still needed a name, a hugely important and vital part of the business. Trent spent weeks compiling potential brewery names and filling a notebook with ideas and concepts that would someday become the brand that people know and love today.

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