It only makes sense for the home of the Milwaukee Brewers to have a brewery. American Family Field is now home to the J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard, which is a restaurant and brewery, that overlooks the field of the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Team. The Barrel Yard is open everyday, including game days. Not only can you expect to find a long list of Wisconsin comfort foods on their menu, J. Leinenkugel’s Barrel Yard is also brewing specialty beers that can only be found at the Barrel Yard. 

Chelsea Roessler

Director of Hospitality Marketing for Milwaukee Brewers

Chelsea specializes in experiential marketing & community relations, a winning combination in this ever-shifting business landscape. Chelsea graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a teaching degree and found her permanent home & career within Marketing over the past 12 years. She loves learning and connecting with difference makers in her community. Chelsea and her husband, Ryan, live in a farmhouse they renovated, just north of Milwaukee, with their four-year-old son, Jack.


Head Brewer


Corrine was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, not too far from Milwaukee. She then moved to Kansas City, Missouri, where she was raised. She went to college in Denver, Colorado, to study brewery operations and started her brewing career at Left Hand, a 60-barrel brewhouse, then at Boulevard, a 150-barrel brewhouse in Kansas City. Corrine then moved to Molson Coors in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and took on the new Pilot Brewer position at the Barrel Yard! Corrine is excited to join the Milwaukee community with its rich history in beer and can’t wait to continue brewing

Gameday at the Barrel Yard

The Barrel Yard is open on both game days and non-game days for food and drinks. When there is no game being played at American Family Field, the Barrel Yard is open and reservations are recommended to ensure you a table. On game days, the Barrel Yard is open for you to grab a beer but you will need to purchase separate tickets for a table in advance, a regular gameday ticket cannot reserve a table. The views from their bullpen outdoor patio tables overlooking the field are beautiful and look even better with a reusable Leinenkugel’s souvenir cup from the Barrel Yard.   


Barrel Yard Bites

The menu at the Barrel Yard has a long list of Wisconsin comfort foods that makes it difficult to choose only one. A few favorites have been the Tavern Chicken Wings, the Campsite Churro Donuts, and the Nueske’s Hanging Bacon. The menu has everything from burgers and steaks to salads and desserts.  

The Barrel Yard is also one of the few ballparks in the country with a working brewing system. All of your favorite Leinenkugel beers can be found in the taproom, but you can also find a few limited release beers. Wondering if these new beers are worth a try? Every new beer that has been released since opening day has sold out! Make sure to follow The Barrel Yard on their social media pages to see what’s brewing!   

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