How did your journey to the Lost Worlds begin?

“I have a love for archaeology, history, adventure, and as I was looking at starting a craft brewery, one fo the things that kept comping back is I wanted to immerse several of my interests…you want to have a brand that you kind of align yourself with. And Lost Worlds for us kind of dsenotes lost civilizations, lost communities, lost societies, lost locations around the world. And what we are trying to do through our brewery is part of our brand is to let people find their adventure and bring forth those kind of, you know, those locations, those societies, those communities that are kind of forgotten. Let that be their exploration through our brewery.” David Hamme


Photo of David Hamme - Founder of Lost Worlds Brewing Company.




David Hamme is the founder of Lost Worlds Brewing in Cornelius, North Carolina. Prior to launching a craft brewery, David served as a business consultant for over sixty companies. His work focused on driving innovation – particularly for industries crippled by stagnation. As a result of this work, he authored the Shingo Award Winning Book – Customer Focused Process Innovation (McGraw Hill). David is the father of two children – a son who is currently in his sophomore year at Virginia Tech studying engineering and a daughter who is currently a senior in high school.

SHerri Johnson - Founder of The Content Shop


Founder of The Content Shop


Sherri Johnson is the founder of The Content Shop – a public relations and brand marketing firm. Sherri’s helped companies across industries cultivate their brand image. One of her early clients was Miller Brewing as they worked to combat the growth of craft breweries by launching their own internal brands. Sherri was with Lost Worlds Brewing at its inception and many of the concepts that are integral to Lost Worlds Brewing today began as ideas hatched at her dining room table. Sherri is the mother of two daughters who are both continuing their education.

David’s jump from corporate America.

I’ve been brewing for over 25 years. It started with a home brewing kit that came with Charlie Papazian’s book. I started brewing and loved it and continued to do so over the years. By trade, I am a business consultant and specialize specifically in how to innovate companies. Corporate America drove the soal out of me and I decided I wanted to do something different. When I started to look around, I had a love for beer making, and the cost to entry into craft brewing had fallen substantially over the past couple of years. For me it was an easy jump. 

What can we do? Can we create something that’s worth creating?  Can we create a brewery that’s unique, that has a brand, that has great beer, that has a community? What can we do that’s different? If we can do that, we check the boxes.


Sitting at Sherri’s dining room table.

While we were sitting at Sherri’s dining room table we decided to jump into it. One of the ways that Sherri and David got aligned initially, they’d worked on other businesses together and then when David said, you have any interest in looking at a craft brewery, or talking about doing a craft brewery? I said yes.  I started my career at Miller Brewing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I’ve been in marketing my whole career and live in Milwaukee for 10 years. It was an easy fit to do this together. And we really did start the initial branding at my dining room table. So, we’ve come a long way.

Behind the Brand

The Lost Worlds Brewing Company logo.

The Lost Wolds Brewing Company Logo.

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