Life is All About Perspective 

Opening their own brewery has been a dream for the Naus brothers. The city of West Allis was so welcoming and excited to have Perspective Brewing join their community, it only made sense to call it home. Ben and Dan have incorporated their own joys and passions into the brewery through beer, soccer and travel. Traveling around the world has had a large impact on this brewery. Through traveling, they have been able to try various beer styles, build relationships around the world and help create those same beer styles here for us to enjoy. This is their perspective. 



We are two brothers from the Milwaukee area who had a dream 9 years ago of opening a brewery together. As high school science teachers, we wanted to put our science background to good use. While most dreams remain just that, we decided to take action. We both completed an immersion course at Colorado Boy Brewing Company in Ridgeway, CO. Once the course was finished, Ben got to work on perfecting his craft back in WI, and Dan decided that it was best to move out west and attend Regis University in Denver, CO for their craft brewing certificate program.

A few years later, and with the support of our amazing wives and families, we purchased an awesome building located in downtown West Allis in late 2020. After a long period of construction and renovations, the brewery finally opened June 4, 2022.

Life is too short to not follow your dreams. We hope to spark ideas, promote optimism, and facilitate meaningful conversation amongst family and friends in our community through our inspirational craft beverages. Hopefully we will inspire someone else to follow their dreams after they leave our taproom.

Soccer Saturdays

Soccer is growing in popularity in the United States, especially in Milwaukee. People are always looking for a place to go to watch a game. Many games are played on Saturday mornings because of the time difference between here and the location of the games, but it can be challenging to find a place that is open so early. Luckily, Perspective Brewing is open for these soccer games every week and are happy to pour you a beer while you cheer for your favorite team. 

The World Cup brought many soccer fans out to cheer for their favorite countries. Perspective Brewing is a great location to watch the game and an option for those who don’t live in the city but rather the suburbs of Milwaukee. Since the World Cup, soccer fans can still be found every week in the taproom wearing their favorite player’s jersey and enjoying the brewery’s complimentary hot ham and rolls.


A Drink For Everyone

Perspective Brewing not only brews their own beer but they also created their own cocktail-inspired drinks. They understand that not everyone has ‘aquired the taste’ for beer so they created a beverage line that makes everyone feel welcome. A few of their popular cocktail-inspired drinks include an Old-Fashioned seltzer and their Margarita seltzer. Perspective Brewing has taken a lot of time to perfect the flavor of these seltzers and create a drink that guests are huge fans of. 

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