Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company

I first met Brandon Proff at the Craft Brewers Convention in 2016.

Brandon is the Managing Partner of Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company, a brewery he started with friends Bryan Leavelle and Andrew Strasburg in March of 2012.

One of the things Brandon loves about the Denver scene is that it requires you to prove yourself by brewing great beer. He loves this challenge. Along with having fun, building a community, and being relevant.

Marketing Strategy

Using all of our inspirations as a guide


“…Andrew and Brian, my two partners, one of the things they approached me about was ‘hey, you worked in the music industry and we think that it would be cool to figure out how we can approach craft beer differently than the way that it has been done’. Which, I don’t think there’s a problem with the idea of just keeping it very, very, very beer centric and just saying the beer speaks which it needs to be able to do that but for us we thought well let’s try and approach this as using all of our inspirations as a guide so music and art and all that”

Marketing The Brew Case History

Keep the Glass


“Every single Tuesday you can come into our tap room and get 3 pours of beer and with it comes a glass you get to keep and we have different artists, most of which are from Denver and the Colorado area to design a glass you get for free.”

“Well at least in our case, we’re not a marketing machine that decided to make and sell beer. We’re people that are making beer that have to get people aware of what we are doing.”

Our Mutual Friend Beer Glass
Our Mutual Friend Beer Glass
Our Mutual Friend Beer Glass
Our Mutual Friend Brewing Company Logo

The Shaking Hands logo was created by Justin Pervorse

The resource Brandon mentioned:


Good Beer Hunting

Brandon’s contact info:


Web: www.omfbeer.com

Twitter: @omfbrewing

Instagram: @omfbrewing

Email: brandon@omfbeer.com

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